Friday, January 15, 2016

Twilight Farmers market

The last two twilight markets have been
cancelled due to excessive heat.
Heat policy automatically cancels the market
if the temperature is forecast for 38 degrees or above.
It has been so hot we were starting early
and finishing early.
But...the cool change came in time and finally
a twilight market, which is great for all those
who work on Saturday morning, or
have sporting commitments that keep them
away from the market.

I have been making a lot of tableware lately.
Spurred on  by the consumers who keep buying it.
Very encouraging.
Amazing I had any flowers  at all
given the extreme heat we have been having
Handless mugs and plates
are my most regular sellers

 I wonder what this lady was buying?
Thanks Amy for helping me out on the stall.


JB said...

Not quite accurate re heat policy. The twilight market if cancelled due to excessive heat is rescheduled for the following morning. Oops.

JB said...

I am enjoying a morning off due to the twilight market last night.

Anna said...

Your blue sets look great... interesting that you are selling plates while where I am we hardly sell any, mostly bowls. That cool change was very welcome in Sydney too...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Wonderful display but HOLY CATS 38 plus degrees C…...

Annie said...

Amy is a great shop girl. Your pottery work was very impressive when I was last at your market. Keep making