Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I have shown these sheep beforer but
I am toying with the idea of a chess set
with the pawns being sheep.
I am wondering what the other pieces would be.
If it is Australiana...I think the emu and kangaroo 
would have to have a place, but if it was farm yard....then
The king could be a Bull....
would the queen then have to be a cow?
Of course the horse could be a horse...
A bishop?....a pig?
Oh it is all getting a bit hard....
The castle would be a Barn...or a dunny? 

Perhaps just make some more shèep and keep thinking about it.

I am no of fan of succulents however
They do occasionally give me reason to rethink this.
Given our climate I should be right into them.
Sunset on a warm spring night.

Flowering for just one day, 
these are simply stunning.
I think the sprinkle of rain the other day
really helped these along.
They are quite lotus like...without the water.

Mum left MS her  cacti and succulents when she left.
Good thing they practically look after themselves.
There is no automatic watering system in this front yard.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Just beautiful the sheep and flowers!

smartcat said...

Sweet little sheep! I am particularly drawn to the black ones!

Anna said...

love your sheep so good luck thinking about how a chess set might work. the cacti flowers look a lot like water lily flowers without the water.