Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shelia 2001 - 2014


In 2001, whilst walking the dogs,
I came across 2 puppies crawling out of a rabbit burrow.
They must have been dumped, I had to take them home.
Maybe we could keep one?
Shelia was the more quiet of the two, 
not quite as destructive as the male. 
Council has rules about how many dogs can live at one property,
We already had 2 dogs. 
She just kept growing and growing.
A gentle giant.
Great foxer!
Reluctant sheep dog
Great friend
Gone but not forgotten.
Fare thee well my dear friend.


Annie said...

Lump in throat . . . RIP
I know you'll miss her Jayne

smartcat said...

It's so sad to lose a 4-leg family member. We know their lives are short, but it still hurts.
She will live in your memories!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I am sorry to hear this news. She looked like such a loving member of your family.

Let the memories flood your heart.


Caroline said...

Aw, I knew you were worried about her. She had a good life thanks to you. Hope you have been resting up and your cough is gone. You don't need physical stress as well as emotional stress.

Sue said...

Oh gosh, what a great life I bet she had though, awful to lose a member of the family. Hugs xx