Thursday, November 28, 2013

 I have been making a few things lately
Stoneware bowls
This one had a copper slip applied when wet
I was doing a throwing demonstration at a community function
at the Merigur Historic park.
If you are ever any where near Mildura it is a fabulous park
all donated and maintained by local farmers, old school house,
blacksmith shop, bakery. A real live museum depicting  local heritage. 
Just to be clear it is a static display most days but several times a year 
it comes to life with all sorts of demonstrations and a fabulous lunch.

 Tenmoku and Hyacinth blue (with a green tinge)

This one had the copper slip applied also
Hyacinth blue glaze over the top.
There has been some Raku going on at TAFE
Couldn't resist putting a few things through.
I also fired a lidded box, the lid fitted easily before I fired it.
I might use the lid for a key hide.

This one still works.
The Mildura Pottery Club is a bit excited about the new space. 
Working bees are being planned for a concrete floor.

That's the next stage.
Walls will have to be stage 3.
There will be a roller door down near that trailer for clay delivery.
Freight cost are so high here we buy clay by the ton once per year, 
or thereabouts. 
We have been reading about a thermal regulator that works on drawing air
from a pipe buried 3 metres below the ground.
Sounds like I will have to fully investigate the concept before 
any concrete is poured.
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smartcat said...

WOW! This is going to be a fabulous space. Keep up the progress reports.
Those are some good looking pots...Lids changing during firing are part of the kiln gods' impishness!

Caroline said...

That space looks really big. I can't wait! When you mentioned working bees I thought you meant Michaal's bees.

Annie said...

Beautiful things Jayne...and your space is very exciting. Looking forward to checking it out.