Monday, April 18, 2011

Garlic from seed

Someone asked me about garlic seed at the farmers market on the weekend.
This is seed collected from my garlic this summer.
I have found that you can grow garlic from seed but it takes a year longer than planting a clove.
 All your garlic should be either eaten or replanted by now.
I am finding that if I delay  planting, all the garlic has vanished.
I only have very small garlic left

I have been busy out in the paddock preparing for the Easter ski race. Our front paddock becomes a car park for the weekend and we have a small farmers nightmare....a paddymelon epidemic.

We used to have lots of visitors at Easter and the children would make halloween type faces with the melons. The campsite would be decorated with paddymelons and citronella candles would keep the mosquitos at bay. Unfortunately all the children have grown up and no longer go on holidays with their parents.

I have been thinking about the birth of lawn bowls, and bocce.

We have been picking them up and relocating them to the dump. Three trailer loads so far. Probally another load tonight and that should see them cleaned up for this year. Unfortunately several have already been squashed and deposited their seeds so we will have to get on to it early next year.
Khaki weed has also established itself in this paddock.
It is getting a dose of round up and then when dead, we are burning the seeds.
This will need constant vigilance if we are to disuade it from establishing itself premenantly.

I did find a stand of the tiniest little blue flowers growing in the pasture.
The pasture itself was thigh high in places.
There is just no substitute for rain.

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Annie said...

What a job to get rid of all those melons.! Your Mum should have been helping you instead of holidaying in Ballarat!